Top 5 Emerging Industries in 2021

December 9, 2020

2020 was definitely a challenge. But it’s just like what they say, adversity breeds opportunity! The pandemic forced us to adapt, and some industries got farther ahead than the rest.



Here are the Top 5 Emerging Industries in 2021

1. E-commerce

E-commerce is quickly becoming the name of the game. If your business can’t survive online, your business is put on the line. E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods done over the internet. Shopping online was already starting to crawl up the ranks before Corona hit, with the wider selection of products being it’s most charming quality. Now, it has pretty much skyrocketed.

2. Logistics

Business-to-Consumer operations? Business-to-Business? Whatever transactions you have in mind, it’s going to take logistics. Protocols surrounding travel made it increasingly difficult for non-logistics companies to carry out in-house transportation services. In-house services can’t really keep up with the quality of well-established logistics providers. This industry kept the world moving.

3. Digital Marketing

Following in the footsteps of E-commerce and Logistics, Digital Marketing also found it’s rightful place in the top runners this year. There’s a famous quote by Marshall Mcluhan that goes, “Advertising is the Greatest Art Form of the 20th Century.” Surely, this carried over to the 21st. For the first time in history, everybody has a readily-available platform. Everyone’s online. Digital Marketers capitalize off of that and catapult brands into the world wide web.

4. Healthcare

Of course, there is no doubt that the Healthcare industry earned its place in this list. It’s one of the worst affected industries in 2020. Still, it’s thriving. 2020 gave us a cultural reset when it comes to our views on vaccination, vitamins, and our general hygiene and health. We’re welcoming 2021 with sanitized hands and hopeful hearts. The Healthcare industry is a mainstay, since they offer essential services, with or without a pandemic.

5. IT

When everything is digital, it comes as no surprise that the IT industry made it on this list. See even the Technological Age bears their namesake. Every single industry that can survive online, stand on the shoulders of IT specialists. From web developers, computer engineers, and online tech troubleshooters, they’re linked in to our daily lives and our sources of living. Like Healthcare, IT will stay in the top spot well after 2021.

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